Shoulder Replacement

The Shoulder Replacement Surgery is also termed as shoulder arthroplasty, basically includes the replacement of the end bones that is torn away or damaged by the injuries, arthritis disease, or wear and tear that occurs over the period of time, especially in old age. Shoulder Replacement Surgery is recommended by surgeons when there is an incessant pain and loss of function become severe.

There are mainly two types of Shoulder Surgeries are:

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Total Shoulder Replacement

The Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery is comprehensively involves the replacement of the ball at the top of the humerus with a metal ball and the socket is appropriately covered with a new plastic material surface.

Partial Shoulder Replacement

Partial Shoulder Replacement is also known as Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery. In this surgery, a metal ball is joined to the shoulder bones, while the socket is placed at the top of the arm.

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Medical Conditions that may make a Shoulder Replacement necessary

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Broken or Severely Damaged Shoulder
  • Avascular Necrosis

When you should go for Shoulder Replacement?

The most common reason for a person to have this surgery is when they have shoulder arthritis pain that can’t be controlled with non-surgical treatments. The pain is usually accompanied by a progressive stiffness and a grinding or grating sensation in the shoulder.

Benefits of Shoulder Replacement

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