Osteoarthritis is a problem, which commonly affects joints in both males and females; A joint is formed when two bones come together and Osteoarthritis(OA) happens when the cartilage between the joints decreases.

This breakdown of cartilage between joints results in friction between the two respective bones causing inflammation, unbearable pain, and stiffness.

According to research: Osteoarthritis(OA) is the most frequent joint disease with a prevalence of 22% to 39% in India. It is found that women are more prone to joint disease when compared to men.

Plus, 45% below the age of 65 and over 70% of women over the age of 65 years have serious chronic symptoms in India.

Not only old age is affected by joint diseases but Osteoarthritis can occur in any age group, It is stated in many surveys that there are over 10 million cases of joint diseases in India alone every year.

Moving ahead in our article, let’s talk about the symptoms that you might recognize before it becomes too late.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA):

Recognition of OA disease is considered good because with time joint problems get worse & worse. However Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, but the most common areas found in patients by Dr. Amit Saini “Orthopaedics | Trauma & Replacement Surgeon” are:

* Knees
* Hips
* Hands
* Spine
* And, Fingertips

(Note: Dr. Amit Saini is serving in Haryana, India & the Osteoarthritis patients he is treating are from different districts of Haryana state.)

Now as you know, the common body joints. You will be able to diagnose yourself easily, perhaps it’s recommended to meet your orthopedics doctor for physical scans and a better understanding of your current situation so you can change your lifestyle accordingly.

Let’s see what are the common symptoms of Osteoarthritis that you can recognize easily:

* Inflammation
* Pain
* Stiffness with moving
* Loss of flexibility
* And, tenderness

If you feel any one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms in severe condition; you are suggested to meet Orthopedics specialist. Plus, you can request an appointment with Dr. Amit Saini, anytime!

Now as you are familiar with the symptoms, let’s move on to the next part & discuss what causes Osteoarthritis:

Causes of Osteoarthritis(OA):

As we discussed above, joint diseases can affect any age group, gender, people with obesity, and sedentary activities for a long time may cause OA.

Let’s discuss in detail:

  1. The Age Factor: Age factor plays an important role when it comes to joint problems. In India, women are more prone to these diseases over the age of 65 according to Government research studies.

    As an age factor, what older people will face in OA:

    * The problem is standing up from bed in the mornings.
    * Less flexibility, when it comes to daily-life activities.
    * Pain and tenderness in joints.
  2. Genetic Problems: It has been seen by Dr. Amit Saini in many patients that the Osteoarthritis problem evolves more commonly in families any older person has joint diseases. Means If your grandparents or close relatives already have faced severe joint problems then there are chances that you will get this problem.
  3. Gender: As an Orthopedics doctor Dr. Amit Saini says” In my whole career, I have seen more old women having joint problems when compared to men.”
  4. Severe Injuries: When Specifically talking about Haryana, the population which is found to be more close to Osteoarthritis are:

    * Workgroup
    * Farmers
    * Physical labor
    * And, people heavily involved in activities likes kneeling, squatting, climbing stairs

    And, the joints that are commonly affected by these are:

    * Hands
    * Knees
    * Hips
  5. Body Weight: It’s more obvious to suffer from Osteoarthritis, if you are overweight thus, maintaining a good body mass would help a lot because it will decrease the stress levels on joints.

As we have discussed the Causes of Osteoarthritis in Haryana, let’s discuss the treatment.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis:

As you know what Osteoarthritis is, plus its symptoms and causes. Now I guess, you have an idea about how severe your situation is regarding OA, depending on your symptoms you will be suggested different treatments.
Perhaps, you might not be interested in seeing a doctor; if your conditions are not severe.

  1. Self Care:

    As a self precautionary step you can include these things in your daily lifestyle:

    * Exercises
    * Weight loss
    * Sleep (7 to 9 hours recommended)
    * Heat therapy or cold therapy
    * Work with a physical therapist
    * Eating healthy food (rich in Vitamin C, D, Omega-3 fatty acid)
  2. Medication:

    In severe situations, you will be prescribed to take medications.

    * Acetaminophen
    * NSAIDs
    * Stronger Painkillers
    * Cortisone injection shots
    * Topical Analgesics (Creams or oils to rub on joints which relieve from pain)

    Note: It is advised not to take all the above mentioned or any medication without the prescription of your Orthopedics doctor. Although, you can appoint Dr. Amit Saini for all possible queries and treatment in Haryana (Only by visiting the Hospital).
  3. Therapies:

    There are a few therapies available, that are found to be effective in Osteoarthritis are:

    * Hydrotherapy
    * Stretching
    * Physical therapy
    * And, Acupuncture
  4. Surgeries:

    In most severe cases; when self-care or therapies are of no use. And you are having unbearable pain then it’s suggested that the only way to get relief is to go for surgery.

    Surgeries available in Haryana include joint or areas of the body are:

    * Hips
    * Knees
    * Hands
    * Spines

    Depending on your conditions or without proper physical scans it can’t be decided whether it’s good for you or not, Hence It’s a better idea to book an appointment with your Orthopedics doctor.

Last but not least, How to prevent Osteoarthritis:

Our overall health depends upon the habits which we tend to form throughout our life cycle. Osteoarthritis can be prevented by the following things:

* By eating a healthy & balanced diet
* Exercising regularly
* Self-care is important
* Use protective gears whenever involved in heavy physical activities.
* Maintain healthy body weight.
* And, Get better sleep.

By including all the above things in your daily lifestyle, you will definitely lower the risk factors related to Osteoarthritis.

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